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Well, hello, I guess. I'm not going to say I'm back, because looking back on my old posts I have said it numerously and afterwards there has always been a silence so deep that to awaken someone from it you need the strongest measures. Just like now: something drove me so far that I felt the need to post some of the icons I made some time ago, and I would call that something nostalgia. The time when this all was in a way a part of me. I'm sure it will always remain somewhere within me and that's why there are periods when it makes a comeback, shakes off its invincible coat and makes me thrive for something I cannot name. And Harry Potter, how much has everything behind that name changed and influenced me! I do not feel embarassment by saying that. So clearly do I remember reading the seventh book in Hiiumaa. No doubt that standing in the queue at two o'clock in the night to be one of the first people to buy "The Deathly Hallows" was one of the most memorable moments of my summer. And yet I haven't perhaps always declared my love towards Rowling's magic world to the extent I should have. Or maybe I have, but just have not realised it fully. For my dying love for the UK, where did it come from? The United Kingdom that I love is greatly the one depicted in HP and I think it will remain that way. Yepikadoodle, enough has been said. Anyway, hello!


Ballet Shoes/Emma

Order of the Phoenix


Gossip Girl

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