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Mesimumm järab piparkooki, hambus päkapikk

Well, now then. I have made a few icons, but now I'm against a problem without any solution. They are so bad that I'm afraid to post them. Haha, okay.. no more lies. Actually right now I'm just not willing to upload every single one of them and then organize them somehow and all that jazz. You'll get them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or pretty soon anyway. And who does really care about my icons?
Who does care about the heartbreaking issues of Photoshop, when White Christmas is coming? Alright, I don't know how white they will be since the Weather Man obviously has better things to do than make us happy (yep, it was a hint, you fussy old man). But the point is.. be happy, for Christmas is the loveliest time of the year. At least in my opinion.

Drink glogg, murder gingerbread men and walk under mistletoes! (:
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