littlehermione (littlehermione) wrote,

A brand new look!

So finally I got a decent layout thanks to premade_ljs. There was also a wonderful header included in the layout, but since I like to be a little more different and not let someone do everything for me, I made the header you can see now. I know it's a bit strange and stuff, but I used my own pictures which makes the header more special. (:
I also want to thank tragic_icons for some of the textures I used on the header.

So anyway.. enjoy! 
And some day I will make a layout all by myself ;D
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Oeh London...nice one!
So as your graphics...woohzaaa lovely <3
pretty layout :)
Thankies you both! (:
I really like your new layout and the header is the best. The greatest part is that you made these pictures y cool!