littlehermione (littlehermione) wrote,

Hello, my darlings

So as I promised in May, I started living. (view my last post and see if you understand anything!)

And now I'm much wiser and smarter and better. Plus I fulfilled my long-lasting dream - I visited England! I visited London! I visited Hogwarts! Okay-okay, the last sentence was a bit of a lie. But I went there in my thoughts.
Anyway, now it takes time to get used to Estonia again. Everything is so different. I can't say if it's worse, but I can say it's more different. But one thing that is better in my dear old (actually young, we gained our independence less than 15 years ago, but that's not the point) Estonia. And that's FOOD! Yumm-yumm, at least I can eat something healthy. But I actually don't understand. The English eat so much junkfood while on the same time they have so much healthy stuff sold in the shops. Snap out of the junkfood and do it right now.

But anyway, I now have a new goal. I want to go to Malta. I don't know if I'll go there next year or the year after, but I'll definitely let you guys know. Not that I think anyone's really interested. But who knows..

So bye for now!
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